Who are these crazy girls anyway?

Since we've started blogging we've had a lot of requests for info about us and our company. Here is our little run down so you can get to know us a little better....
We planned our very first event 10 years ago in high school at my parents house for a Holiday Gala. We insisted everyone come black tie and we changed outfits halfway through the evening as the hosts of the party (yes we were and still are totally over the top).
This company was destined to be born as a result of Lyndsi's style and design skills mixed with my business experience and love of the unexpected. We pride ourselves on offering completely custom service to every single couple we meet with. We don't want to box clients into packages, instead we want to hear what you want and go from there (we help you figure that out too). We offer everything from making sure the day of your event runs smoothly to planning the whole thing for you and a lot in between. We love learning about who our clients are and creating an event around them and their lives.
We absolutely love feedback, we love comments and we love questions. If you do leave a comment on the blog, please include your email address so we can answer your question directly if we aren't able to post it.
Our website is in production so stay tuned!
Thanks to all the readers. You're all so fab and chic (obviously if you're reading this right now!)
SocialDesign Girls.


melrosey said...

Love the bio, I read your blog everyday. Please keep all the great ideas coming!!

SocialDesign said...

thank you! we love you for reading!

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