Palettes and Paper and...Princesses? Yeah, ok, sure.

So my original goal for this post was to just talk about my fave paper site and some pretty paper. My fave site is Paper-Source by the way! And as I was gathering my faves, I realized that I happened to be leaning towards a certain palette of colors and certain girly girl preppy prints today. The reason I mention this is because I was recently asked by a reader, how to start the process of choosing a color palette for your event. I think this is really good exercise! Go to a craft store or check out Paper-Source like I did and just start cataloging what catches your eye. Don't think, just click. When you're done finding stuff you like, step back and look and see what you have gathered. You may be surprised at your own taste and style. Enjoy my super girly paper for the day. So fun for invites, programs, you name it. Don't just choose one. Choose a few that aren't matchy, but they just go together.

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Darci said...

Excellent idea! I will attempt it today :)

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