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Jane asked left us this note:
I love your lighting posts! Anything in wintry blue?
We will never say no to a reader interested in lighting! So here is our FAVE blue lit wedding, which I'm sure many of you have seen if you ever watch the Style network. Christina Aguilera had one unbelievable wedding in the winter. This wedding was inspired by her and pics come from theknot. Going with the blue and silver can be tricky for a winter wedding. It had a lot of cheese potential. But if you take it the very classy route as this bride did, it will work. By using soft blues with crystals and natural elements for texture, the final product is great. Think about the mood that the lighting evokes. Imagine the event without the lighting. It would still be beautiful, but definitely not the same. Here's one more of the diva herself for the road....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies!! These pics are really amazing. --Jane

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