Holy snowfest mackeral!

Take a look at this. This is theatrics! What a freaking winter wedding this must have been. First of all, look at the top right pic. They literally created a hallway that turned from spring to winter. I love how the ceremony feel was very different from the reception feel. Look at the groom's face. It's priceless! I can just hear his thoughts...."Is it REALLY snowing in here? Are we really paying for it to snow in here??" HA! Well, regardless, this is stunning (a little too much for my taste, but definitely something to marvel at). Enjoy, from Brides.com.


Anonymous said...

This must have cost a fortune....but is it just me or is this not that pretty?! Not a huge fan of all the fake snow.

SocialDesign said...

It is not just you! I agree...not that pretty. But to each his own. Just not our type of thing. Crazy right?

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