Martha moment and a Real Wedding

This is one of my all time favorite events I have ever laid eyes on. Yes I know it's old news to those of you in the wedding world. But in re-publishing this (from Martha), I hope at least 1 reader gets inspired who hasn't seen it! This is a great great example of the 2 elements I preach about to make a wedidng great. 1) Making it personal and about you as a couple and 2) Having continuity and consistency.
This bride and groom are both teachers and met when they were very young so they used an elementary school theme throughout. The continuity comes through in everything from the report card invitations, to the apple place cards, to the school themed portraits.
I guarantee this wedding wasn't expensive either. Since they were teachers it looks like a lot of supplies were just borrowed from the school. Use your imagination, use your own lives as inspiration and have fun! There are no rules!

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Vane said...

gotta make a correction here....i believe they met in grade school...they are the owners of Paper+Cup stationery, not teachers. very cool couple..

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