I will convince you if it kills me!

Ok that was a dramatic title. This is your lighting post of the day. I found this on a fellow designer's page. I know I shouldn't be promoting competition, but I am doing it for the good of all of you so you can see the dramatic effect lighting has. It's all for the cause! This is a very high end company out of NY called Artfool and they have my full respect! Below are before and afters of the same event. They transitioned from day to night with the lighting. You can just feel how this changed the mood at the event. I love the intense color they used for the black and white event which was colorless for the most part. Be inspired. Your welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi girls - I have a lighting question. Is it better to have white linens and a bright color for lighting (such as purple shown here) or should you have colored linens as well as colored lighting. Seems to me you could save on colored linens and make an impact with lighting. Thanks! Kelly

SocialDesign said...

This totally depends on your venue and the look you are going for. If you want intense color and high energy. Do color all the way, linens, lighting, the whole thing. You can also do colored linens and white lighting as a neutral. Linens don't necessarily have to be colored to have an impact. You can work with textures and fabrics and layering as well. But this is an area we wouldn't skimp on. If you have more questions, please email us!

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