Venues and a Real Wedding

Lyndsi and I work out of Philadelphia, so this is a local post to all of you Tri State area girls. I can vividly remember about 10 years ago going on a Photography field trip with Lyndsi to this spot. Since then I've been back at least 5 times. I remember telling Lyndsi that one of us has to get married there one day. Well I'm married so that leaves Lyndsi! I can totally see her wedding here one day, even though she wants something a little different. This space is so incredible. It's just miles of open garden with huge sculptures all throughout. I'm guessing that is why it is called the Sculpture Gardens! This is in New Jersey and it's free on Sundays to tour around. I would love to do a wedding here for a client one day. It's just stunning. Enjoy Heather Waraksa's pics from the wedding. Thanks to StylemePretty for introducing me to the photog!


Sandy said...

So cute, I was seriously thinking about getting married there! :)

Tina said...

What is this gorgeous place called?

SocialDesign said...

Sculpture Gardens in New Jersey

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