Lighting post of the day!

I hate when I do this. I find something cool, save it and forget where I found this. If this is your picture or you know where it is from, please let me know. I love that there are 2 tones of lighting at the same time for the event. The purple is for the dance floor. It's not recommended to use pin spotting on candle lit tables, but here it looks like they used gobo lighting which creates a really nice romantic effect. And I always love rectangular tables!


Anonymous said...

Wow - beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts about lighting. My question is how do you maximise impact with lighting without stretching the budget too far. I have booked most of my vendors but suddenly decided that I wanted extra lighting. It suddenly clicked!11 There is not room within my budget to spend. My venue provides pin lights on each table and votive candles as well. Thank you.

SocialDesign said...

We get this question a lot. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. To us, this is like asking "I love live music, but hired a DJ, what should I do?"

This is one area we don't recommend DIY. When you're getting involved with power boxes, wattages, fire hazards, etc. We recommend hiring a professional. As we always say, cut back somewhere, whether it is flowers, food, transportation. If having a beautiful space is important to you, try and cut back on something you may not need as much. Pin lighting is a start though and it's nice that that is included!

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