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Hello loyal bloggers and bloggettes. I'm back from an awesome vacation. Hope all is well in wedding world! I debated not posting this for the world, but then I thought to myself the importance of spreading the word on wedding videography. There are many misconceptions about this topic including animated ringing bells and cartoon brides with jazzy transitions, etc. I am here to tell that the wedding videography market has changed. Videos now are so professionally done and such an amazing keepsake to have. I tell clients to think about how amazing it would be to today be able to see your grandparent's wedding on video. So in honor of the post, I am sharing with you our wedding video that is currently online. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you see how cool wedding videos can be!


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful. I love the voice over from friends and family, very special and unique. You two make a smashing couple.

MrsPinkPeony said...

amanda, omg. your video made me cry! i made DH watch it with me :)
absolutley AMAZING! not that i doubted it for a second! congrats again to a truly beautiful couple. your love for eachother shined throughout your whole day :)

(MrsPinkPeony from the knot)

Anonymous said...

Your video is amazing. And, I loved how personal your ceremony was!It all looked amazing!

Dave Williams said...

As you know Amanda, we had a great time shooting your wedding. Simply beautiful. You made our job easy.

T said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful wedding video. Your wedding decor was absolutely amazing. I love the commentary in the video and how personalized and unique your wedding was. All very inspiring!

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