Can we please discuss this fabulousness?

I have a thing for lanterns. We go way back. I absolutely love candlelit weddings. But what I love even more, is a candlelit wedding that's a little less stuffy. Don't get me wrong, candles in any way are great, but stick them in an old fashioned lantern or a mason jar and I'm in love. These pictures from brides.com really got me. I especially am dying over the one on the far left. I love how an arch or an alter was created just by hanging different lanterns at different heights. Genius! My favorite lantern source is definitely still Ikea here are a few and these I already posted about. But Jimali Gardens now has tons of them too! You can purchase them so many places depending on your budget.


kerri said...

is there a way to see these pictures larger or find out the source link? they are great- i'd love to check them out in more detail. thanks!

SocialDesign said...

Yes, shoot me an email and I will send them over. They aren't huge but they are a little bigger!

heather said...

Hi! I like your blog so far - congratulations! I live in Philadelphia + will be getting married in OCT. I have collected over 200 milk glass vases /cups etc...and hope to use them to lite the outdoor ceremony. I have some concerns over the light levels though as I won't be able to test it out first. any advice? Thanks!

SocialDesign said...

Hi Heather,
send us an email with your email address.

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