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Having a winter wedding? Don't want to go the super formal, snow, candle, ice, blue route? Try this awesome idea. Build the event around warmth. Sweaters, yarn, quilts. Stay with me on this one... Right now I think FreePeople is doing a window with giant yarn balls. I think it's so kitschy cool. This photo came from one of my blogging buddies (if it's you let me know!) Imagine them in your colors either in giant piles on tables or hanging from the ceiling. Martha, my buddy, Stewart, featured an awesome invitation with just a simple string of yarn strung through the paper (see below). It was so simple and so lovely. It had that comfort country feel. Put your bridesmaids in cute cardigans and wear a little white cashmere one yourself. You can even put little flowergirls/ring bearers in cute scarves and gloves. I love this take on winter. If you like country chic thing, this is the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Hi girls! Love the chic blog! I'm thinking of having a black and white wedding with fuschia accents to make it pop. Any lighting examples that you could show me?

SocialDesign said...

thanks doll.
Definitely go with pink lighting mixes with pure whites. the energy from pink lighting is great especially when you are working with black and white as a virtually colorless palette. I will try and find you some pics.

jordan said...

You should properly cite the source of that first photo.

Did you find it through Design Mom?

Right here.

SocialDesign said...

Please see the post contents:
"This photo came from one of my blogging buddies (if it's you let me know!)"
But I don't read DesignMom so it wasn't that. Thanks though.

Anonymous said...

the yarn balls are from the nienie dialogues:
she is this amazing young mother who is completely inspiring and documenting her family thru her blog. and she also just happens to be a great photographer, decorator/crafter & story teller. wish i knew her but i'm just a huge fan of her blog.

and now i'm becoming a huge fan of yours! just found it and now i'm going thru yer archives. great stuff . . .


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