Finding the right space for all your crazy ideas...I mean fab, of course.

This is what we call "over the top fabness". This means, it's too much, but we still kinda dig it. I like the color scheme and the lucite chairs, but those flowers are way too much. But here is what I wanted to point out that sometimes people overlook. A large amount of these tablescapes that are posted on our blog are modern and full of color or at least portray a clean look. But look at the background in these shoots. It's 99% of the time all plain white. This is tough to recreate if you have a venue that isn't a blank loft. And if you are in the beginning phases of planning an event and you like this sort of modern, color drenched look, choose a white plain space. Once you book your venue, you immediately limit your "look" options. There are ways to tweak some of these ideas to make them work in different venues, but if you're a modern girl like us and love that city chic look, remember that before you book your venue. If you're looking for help in Philly, we can make some suggestions! Kisses....ok maybe just hugs. We don't know you that well yet.


Laura said...

I'm not sure it's the flowers on their own that put this look over the top, but maybe the combination of the flowers with the colours of the tablecloth and overlay. It's just a bit too busy! I think those flowers with plain white tablecloths would look pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I don't like the linens but the flowers are so pretty!

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