Budgets and sticking to them!

A big part of what we do as an Event Design company is ensure our clients are not over paying for anything. Sticking to a budget it important, no matter what the budget is! Where there is a will there is a way. And here is a good example of a will. This couple set a 10 thousand dollar budget (excluding food and service). This did include dishware, serve ware, linens, flowers, and even furniture! They did it ALL through Ebay. I think that is really incredible and admirable. I will say, it's much easier to do rustic on a budget than city chic. But they actually did a combination...which I'm loving. Look at the crystals over their woodsy ceremony space. The mix is phenomenal. Also they are using one of the best color palettes! (yellow and black). Take a look at this site when you can. The feature comes from Brides.com.


alh78 said...

Where did they find the crystals? I am dying to find hanging crystals for my wedding.

SocialDesign said...

every single thing was from ebay. good luck!

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