My secret nerd hobby

Ok I have a nerdy hobby. Well not really a hobby, just something super nerdy (cool) that I do. I love to decoupage! Here is why. You can't mess it up. For those unfamiliar with it, let me explain. Decoupage is a sort of glue or sealant that you buy at a craft store. You can take virtually anything you can dream of...furniture, dishware, boxes, anything, and decoupage it. What this means is choosing beautiful paper, newspaper, comic strips, stamps, anything in paper form to cover your items and use the decoupage to seal it and make it look like it's part of the original item. It's fun! You slop on some decoupage in the messiest way and it always looks great!

Since I love pretty papers, why not choose some paper you love for your event and carry the theme through. Try and think outside of the box. You can buy slabs of wood for your tables and decoupage them all in a similar format to put your centerpeices on! Or a project I love is to decoupage wooden or cardboard letters in your monogram. There are a million ideas. Here are some examples from Etsy.

xx Amanda


Amy said...

Ok, so you inspired me to try this decoupage thing and i really like it! I had this ugly wooden tray that someone gave us and i went to paper source & picked out some rad paper with poppies on it and re-covered it and now i love it! thanks for the inspiration! :)

SocialDesign said...

send me pictures!!

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