One Word. Plastics: (a Lyndsi post!)

Plastic Adhesive Graphics can be applied anywhere...
...like an illuminated (plastic) plexi-glass bar!

Well, if we are going to be technical about it, I guess we could also add the word illumination (part of lighting…which we love).
I was recently working an event which utilized both plastic and lighting together to create absolutely magnificent effects within various areas of the reception.
For instance, placing colored lights (possibly even revolving colors used in your particular scheme) behind a clear or white plexi-glass/Lucite adds a beautifully dramatic effect to a relatively dark room or area.
At this particular event (where the colors were white, black, lime and orange), the
white plexi-glass bar changed colors from a cloudy lime to milky orange. Meanwhile, a gorgeous black graphic was applied to each panel of the bar to make for an even more interesting and dynamic presentation (thank you graphic design!) Pair that with clear Lucite stools surrounding the bar, large white bowls filled with the namesakes of the events color palette, and specialty Citrus Mojitos and you’ve got yourself an aesthetically pleasing and thirst-quenching celebration.
This look combines the modern feeling that plastics and bold colors bring and calms it down with the vintage inspired graphics, making the gathering as custom made as possible. That turns out to be the best part because every couple can use these individual elements in their own way, producing a different feel for each event. It’s all about thinking outside the (illuminated) box and becoming inspired from the smallest things.

Speaking of which, we really do love to hear about the things that have inspired all of you, and what you have done with that inspiration. Email us your pictures and we will post a collection each week of our readers’ creative prowess…hope to hear from you all soon!

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