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I wanted to comment briefly on the poll results. We took this poll to see where brides were allocating their money last. The results do in a way make sense to our reader demographic. If you are reading this blog you are most likely trying to look for design help, save money, etc. And you most likely don't have a designer working for you already.

That is why the number 1 thing you wish you had but couldn't afford is a Lighting designer!
Number 2 (breaks my heart) is an Event designer/Coordinator!

Just a few comments and a little advice. I would highly reccomend you take away from your floral budget, as low as it may be, to hire lighting. 100 roses could impact a few tables. a lighting wash changes your whole room. But you know how I feel :-) Example above courtesy of Kenny Pang

In regards to hiring an event designer: A good event designer should also function as a coordinator. What I mean is that a great event is great on the design side but also on the business side (budgets, timelines, contracts, etc). And by investing in a good designer/coordinator you should be saving money! This person should execute your vision for less money that you could on your own. Please consider hiring someone. It's good for our industry and it's great for you as long as you hire the right person/company. It shouldn't be considered a luxury. It should be a necessity for you to plan your event as efficiently and in the most cost effective way you can.

thanks for participating in the poll!


G said...

I'd love to hire a lighting designer for my wedding but I am thisclose to going over budget already. As event specialists, can you suggest ways to do-it-yourself somehow? I mean, not that you'd have to describe how to do a gobo wash, but maybe a way to strategically place some stationery lamps, get creative with paper lanterns or Christmas lights, but still have it be a tad sophisticated?

SocialDesign said...

I will research it. I don't recommend it....but I will see what I can find for you!

Anonymous said...

I love allocating some of our budget to lighting. We're getting married in a white tent. Any chic suggestions other than chinese lanterns or twinkle lights? Not exactly the look we're going for but it seems to be the only thing suggested by our vendors.

SocialDesign said...

yes, hire a professional.
good luck!

G said...

Thanks Social Design!

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