Bridesmaids with style

So you're about to pick the dress for your bridesmaids. You want them to look chic, stylish and beautiful. You also want them all in the same dress. OK. Done. But please, listen to me closely. Stop there. Don't force the shoes, don't force the hair, don't force the jewelry. 1) they are not robots 2) it won't look as stylish 3) they may not be your friends anymore after your wedding. People are afraid that if they don't insist on every detail and accessory, they won't look good. I'm here to show you how it can be done. One service SocialDesign offers is wardrobe styling. (Lyndsi was a menswear consultant for Neimans). But if you're doing it on your own. Give your girls a color range, pick one dress and let them have fun with the rest. Here I chose brown, red and gold. Everything is either from Jcrew or Forever21. Oh, those awesome shoe clips in the 2nd pic are from Absolutely Audrey. Cheap and good!


K said...

I love this idea! can you do this again with more dresses(preferably the JCrew ones because they provide such a blank canvas)? Thank you!

Laura said...

Ah, well, I have a question for you then! Because I wanted to pick a dress for my girls and be done with it - just have them pick out their own shoes and jewelry and hairstyle and makeup. So I'm totally with you there. The problem?

What do you do when you have a mother of the bride AND maid of honour (who happens to be my sister, and lives with the mother of the bride and so hears all her opinions) who think that's ridiculous and I simply MUST have matching shoes and jewelry? I am pretty sure I can sell them on non-matching jewelry with a "not in the budget, tough bananas" argument but I'm not so sure about the shoes. I think it's ridiculous to try to force all the girls to wear the same shoes. There's no way they will all be comfortable in the same pair.

SocialDesign said...

K-definitely! glad you like it

Laura-You seem like a people pleaser. That's nice. Let me be the devil on your shoulder....It's your wedding! Do want you want.
Pick a cool color for the shoes like pink, that way they will all "go" but not be super "matchy" and pick one tone of jewelry, silver or gold.
good luck!

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