Reader Mailbag!

We have a doozy of a post today in honor of our very first reader request. Here it is:
Hi Amanda and Lyndsi!
I absolutely love your blog. I'm going to be a short dress bride and was wondering if you could give me some inspiration or have any chic ideas since I'm not crazy about what I have seen so far...Great job and thanks!Luz Andrea
Well Andrea, we like to consider ourselves fairly good in the world of fashion as well. Lyndsi was a personal stylist with Neiman Marcus back in the day and I just love clothes. So we certainly did our research for you!

Now when I think short dress for a wedding I think totally bold, chic and amazing. I also think vintage! These first set of dresses are from my favorite vintage site Vintageous. The key with this site is getting to it early because they sell out. These are probably already sold out but they update weekly! Please please please tell us you will wear a birdcage veil! These are also all incredibly cheap as well, most under 200.
Here we have the few from traditional bridal designers. From left to right is Melissa Sweet (my fave), Romona Keveza and Claire Pettibone.

These are selections from major retailers, Neiman Marcus and Saks. From left to right, top to bottom, Teri Jon, Carmen Marc Valvo, Kay Unger and Temperley London,

Last but not least (my fave in fact!) is my good friend Deb who had a destination wedding and changed into this fab number for the reception. She had this custom made from a picture she found. She took it to a dress maker and had it made to fit her perfectly. Couture!


Anonymous said...

You ladies are great!!! Thanks so much. I only wish you were located closer to my area so I can hire you!


Sue said...

I saw a girl wearing that dress today! It's really cute in person.

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