I know things were slow today. We're still not fully recovered. Leaving you with a classic image/look that has stood the test of time.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I also think that lighting makes a huge difference in how an event comes off. But I have a dilemma -- what does one do when you are having your event at a museum where you can't use candles and there probably isn't a light dimmer on the switch? What are some ways to soften the light and create a romantic mood?

SocialDesign said...

I always always say hire a professional. When I refer to "lighting" I mean a lighting specialist who comes in to light your event. This is much beyond candles and dimmers. Good luck!

Oh Happy Blog! said...


I just did an event at a modern art museum and faced a simular challenge... We solved it effectively by using par can uplighting with soft gels (you can rent these from your local theatrical/stage lighting company)... we also used the same gels in the existing lighting- gels typically are only a couple of dollars and the par cans should not be any more than $10 each... if you can not afford a lighting specialist then these are relatively easy to use and create a stunning effect when shot on a plain white wall such as the museum

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