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I don't care how much money you have (well unless you want to buy me that new Chloe bag I've had my eye on), everyone should try and save money when planning an event. You can do fab and chic on a budget! One of the requests I had from your comments was more budget friendly tips. Well here is one of the best ones. Oriental Trading Co. Remember those catalogs you got when you were little with 100 bouncy balls for 3 dollars? Well now you can use them to plan your event. My biggest suggestion when utilizing this site, is to know what you want before you go visit it. You can get lost in the thousands of products. They have a great search tool. Try searching for "candles" or "boxes". You'll be surprised what you find. Even cardstock! Here are some good finds I just stumbled upon.

This would be a super cute favor box! Wrap it in a pretty ribbon, shove some candy in there and whalah! And at the fab price of 4 bucks for 20 of them!! Are you kidding me???

These are adorable glass jars, again great for favors or candles or flowers! These are usually about 5 bucks each, here they are 13 bucks for 12!

Ok obviously you won't paint stars on these or hopefully even paint them at all. (Unless you're some fab artist or hire a calligrapher and paint guests names on them for placecards!!) But this is a cheap way to get lots of ceramic vases. Imagine these all lined up on a table or a mantle with bunches of the same hue of flower. It would be great! And no one would know you spent only 17 bucks for 12 of them!

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