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My number 1 love is lighting. Sorry Brett. My number 2 love is fabrics and linens. If you ever listened to anything I have ever said before, listen to this. The two things you can add to your event to make it have the wow factor are lighting and linens. Forget the stupid flowers for 5 seconds (just kidding florists!). Now, let's take the linens and fabric idea further. A very inexpensive and high impact item is to drape fabric, commonly referred to as pipe and drape. But you don't need the pipe depending on your venue. Drape a long piece of fabric behind your ceremony alter, hang fabric from the lofts of your venue around the tables, Drape it over your dancefloor. You will have an amazing effect! I am scouring for example photos for you. In the meantime I found this AWESOME site which deals really cool fabrics at wholesale prices with free shipping! Check it out! These are some of my favorites.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! So fresh and stylish. I'm thinking of having a dark brown/robins egg blue color palate for my reception. If you find any neat invites or lighting designs in those colors please post!

Jordana said...

Thank you so much for this post! They had the EXACT fabric that I was looking for. Bought it and it should arrive in 2-3 days.


SocialDesign said...

great! let us know how it looks and what you plan to do with it! We'd love pics!

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