Lights, Lights, Action (and by action I mean lights...)

If you know me and if you know SocialDesign, you know we love lighting. Let me put it into perspective for you. Close your eyes and imagine you are in an open warehouse with big flourescent tube lighting. Now imagine you shut off those lights and there are 300 candles lit all around you. The feeling is totally different. Lighting creates a mood and a sense of comfort or a sense of excitement or even a sense of mystery. I tell clients over and over that I would rather them have a 100 dollar floral budget and a 2,000 dollar lighting budget because the impact is that much greater. When you see a well lit event, you know that it is something special. Below is some lighting inspiration with different moods compliments of our friends at theknot and Laura Novak.

Here is an example of "cool" lighting. Blues are used to relax the guests. They can also be used to convey an icey feel for winter months. The blues are mixed with white lights in the picture to the right.
Here reds and oranges are used in the color pallette. But the photo to the left uses ambers which is very flattering for complexions. the photo on the right uses whites and reds to convey a tone of excitement. Pinks can also be used for that feeling as well.

This last picture by Laura Novak is an example of more amber lighting mixed with candlelight. The leafs in the center are examples of gobo lighting, which simply means a pattern. You can use your names, monogram, pretty much anything.

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