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I think this Martha thing may end up being a frequent thing. She inspires me so much and I think she would make a great President of the USA. Think of how pretty our country would be? Ok I am only kidding obviously, but I just can't get enough of her fab ideas and I love to share them and show you how to make them your own in an affordable way. I love a new take on centerpieces whenever possible. These are 2 really good examples of how to make your tables lovely in an affordable way. Renting vases can be pricey from a florist. The picture on the left shows simple cans wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon. So super easy! I would love to get some lovely paper from Paper-Source and deck them out! The pic on the right I also just love. How great would that be for a winter wedding where you didn't want to go overboard with the holiday stuff but have that touch of festive flare. The container store has great shiny white boxes just like these! I also really love how they tied in the favor on the plate with the flowers.

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Hi Amanda and Lyndsi!

I absolutely love your blog. I'm going to be a short dress bride and was wondering if you could give me some inspiration or have any chic ideas since I'm not crazy about what I have seen so far...Great job and thanks!

Luz Andrea

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