Exploring Ethereal

Sorry for the delay in postings today. What a busy weekend!

Lyndsi and I met with a bride this weekend who had really great inspiration. She also was collecting a book of images and I absolutely loved the aesthetic. She described her vision as "Anthropologie Ethereal". Which I just love. I haven't seen this look done well in a long time and I think it has such amazing potential. I picture the eclectic natural feeling of Anthropolgie mixes with empire waists and flowy fabrics. It can be really stunning! So I visited one of my fave blogs who really embodies that style to a T: Gypsy Purple. The images below are credit to her. This is someone of an inspiration or mood board for the aesthetic. So dreamy. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love it. It even evokes a little of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Rebecca said...

I am so incredibly excited at reading this post. I desperately wanted an Anthropologie look for my wedding- I forced my best friend into at least 15 trips to the store to take careful decorating notes and sneak pictures. This led me to spend hours researching the cost of fake moss on the internet and convincing my fiancee that we needed to hire the window dresser from our local store to work our wedding. It helps to know I am no longer alone in my dream.

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