Schemes, Palettes and other words that I spell wrong sometimes

This has been posted around the blog community. But I was thinking today about posting about color "trends" for 2008. Then I changed my mind. I love a good trend, don't get me wrong (although I do have negative feelings about this patent leather trend for fall bags....). But when choosing colors for an event, you need to work with much more. You have to first consider your venue. Are you in a ballroom with ornate red and gold? Or are you in a blank white loft? Take these things into serious consideration. Utilize this site. It generates a color palette from a photo. Here are some of my faves that I created from images from Housemartin and Decor8 (they are in my faves to your right). And in case you MUST know...muted colors are in for upcoming weddings.


Sarita & Pepe said...

I can never get that dang color palette generator to work. I'm loading urls from photos in my Photobucket album. Any tips? Thanks and keep up the fabulous work on your blog!

SocialDesign said...

make sure the pic end in .jpg or .gif, etc.
Not sure why it's not working. Try some other pics from websites to just see if it's your photobucket album.


GersonCurse said...

I was secretly wondering about the colors!

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