Goodbye Summer, Hellooo Fall (fashion and festivities)!

Well this holiday weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. It's sad to think that days at the beach and tank tops will be faded memories of weeks past. But alas, Autumn is around the corner and we may as well embrace it, after all it is a pretty fantastic time of year. Time for great jackets, blouses, and high boots and other beautiful things...like parties!! We absolutely adore fall events. And although each affair is different and tailored to each couples unique style, we can't help but swoon over the beautiful imagery and inspiration that naturally comes from our Mid-Atlantic milieu. Fall, autumn, whatever you want to call it...make sure to take advantage of the beautiful colors, gorgeous landscapes and crisp weather. And maybe, just maybe your senses will be aroused enough to go for an autumn event. We sure hope so!


Make your own grooms cake!

Looking to save a buck? Have a groom's cake at your rehearsal dinner and make it yourself! This actually looks pretty easy. Thanks Outblush....check it out here

The new issue is out!

By far the best bridal magazine out there. They know it too since they charge almost a mortgage payment for it. Ok, exaggerating, but it's up there. Grace Ormonde is known for it's wonderful unique and over the top style. So fun to look at. Here are some great images from the issue. Which is your fave? I'm dying for this last black and white one. Anemone is one of my favorite blooms.



That is the song I sing when I find a site that I really love love love. Graham and Green is such a site. Everything from the furniture, to the chachkies, to the lighting and decor is so fab I'm dying. I am so inspired by this site not only for events but also for my home. Do yourself a favor and poke around. It's so great. Here are some of my faves....

I've had my eyes on these glowing branches for some time. Oh the possibilities...

I have to give credit to Lyndsi for developing my love of font and text. Not only can you spell cute things like "I Do" (please don't) or your names, but just appreciating how cool the image of a single letter can be is awesome. I want these for my house asap.
These are very goth chic cool. I love the color trio.
So Moroccan and I love the punch of color. Very different.

Love this

I am seeing these hanging, surrounding an alter. I'm also seeing it surrounding a dancefloor. These are so delicate and stunning! With light shining through they would be incredible. It's almost like hanging a very open lace fabric. They can divide a room to make private lounging sections or highlight certain areas like a head table. There is so much possibility with these. Check them out at A+R


Designer's Secret Resource

Most people in the design world know about this source for cheap and good design finds. Pearl River is a mecca for affordable ways to make an impact. Most people think, Asian store, all I'm going to get is lanterns and chinese takeout boxes. Yes they have that. But they also have amazing ceramic dishes, beautiful bamboo aisle runners, parasols for pictures, chargers, placemats, screens and so much more. And the best part is how affordable everything is...like 2 dollar affordable! My suggestion is to visit the site and really think outside of the box. Here is a sampling of some of my favorites.

Romantic and beautiful

Lyndsi and I have a special place in our hearts for butterfly weddings. This theme was that of one of our very first events. We loved the natural flowy look. Not to mention we got to work with the coolest couple and it could not have been more successful. This image comes from martha...thanks Faye and Greer for the link to the big pic site! (bloggers dream) I thought this was such a cheap and easy idea. You can purchase those butterflies at any craft store and the chinese lanterns wholesale online. Love it.

Sorry for the slow-ness

In the meantime, I added lots of new links to our fave blogs. Check them out to the right.

Yay for Lyndsi

Had to post Lyndsi's board for the Style Me Pretty contest! Voting is today. I have one out there and so does Lyndsi. :-)


What do I need an Event Designer for? Isn't that why I have a florist?

We feel it's important that we take the time to educate and inform on event design. The more we work with clients and meet the wonderful couples we are lucky to know, the more we realize that people just don't understand what Event Designers really do and why it's a value.

Open up a Martha Stewart, You may see pictures like this:

This is the work of Rebecca Thus, a well respected Event Designer. Note the details and how everything seems to tie together. That is event design. An ED will create an overall concept for your event at the start of planning and should ensure that every visual detail works as a cohesive whole. This may include partnering with your florist and lighting specialist, or using one in house. Florists do flowers and can do some structural work depending on the florist. Event Designers, design events from top to bottom. So now you're may thinking, but I can do that myself. And you're right, you probably could. But the couples who hire ED's are very interested in creating a stunning and unique event. You're not hiring someone to go buy vases and tie bows. You're hiring a creative team for their brains. The same reason why artists can sell a painting for thousands of dollars. You aren't paying for the oil paint and canvas (bows and boxes), you're paying for the creativity that maybe you didn't have.

These pictures above are the work of RJ Balthazar, another event design firm. They happen to also do florals as well. You can see the creative touches though that go well beyond just flowers.

Clients who end up working well with event designers are those who value something different. A good event designer won't simply recreate what you saw in a magazine. They will instead take your ideas and create something that has never been done before (Or they should!)

Something now that couples are asking about is getting published in a magazine. Magazines won't just publish a wedding that was "expensive", they will specifically want to see original details. If the details aren't there, it's not worth sharing for them. (from the mouth of a well respected bridal mag editor).

These pictures are from Art Fool, another great ED firm. A few last pointers and insights about Event Designers.

Their job is to create something beautiful. They will charge for their concepts and time and bill for materials based on your budget or vision.

They generally aren't coordinators. They may partner with a day of coordinator if you think that is something you are looking for, but designers are different people than coordinators.

Please value their time as you would value a photographer's or a florist's time and understand that you aren't just paying for some linens and cute nick knacks.

Working with an Event Designer doesn't mean giving up all creative control either. Good ED's should partner with you! Find people you like and you can have fun with! We absolutely love everyone of our clients and are lucky enough to work with people we want to spend time with.

Yay for Event Design!


Coolest thing I've ever seen. Definitely.

OK this is so great and awesome design. Note the large branch/tree type thing. The pear shaped bulbs actually charge on it and can be "plucked" from the tree, emitting light for up to 1 hour before they need to be put back on the tree/charger. Honestly, this would be very cool for an event, but more realistically, I just wanted to share it. I jus thought this would be too cool to keep to myself. The link to Nick Foley's site (the designer), isn't working but I will provide it anyway.

More Boards!

Yes we did send over an old favorite from our blog for Style Me Pretty's mood board contest. We really just wanted to partake in all the fun! I wanted to share some of my current faves. They are all just so amazing! Go take a look and give SocialDesign your love :-)

A Reader's Event

Not too long ago, we received a comment from a reader and she included a link to her wedding and to say we were impressed was an understatement. I have to say that the presentation of her wedding on her web page was just as beautiful as the event itself! She actually used the whirly candle holders from CB2 which we blogged about not too long ago. They look stunning behind her alter. Check out Yvonne's wedding web page as well as her photographer, John and Joseph Photography

Update, Yvonne is also in the wedding biz. Check her out! www.yvonne-wong.com

Store Window Inspiration

This image comes from HouseMartin in a store window. This image sparked so many ideas in my head. I generally hate the "bird cage card cage" thing at a wedding. I think it's been done 1000 times and if someone really wants to steal your cards they can get in that little cage of yours anyway. But this idea could be fab. I'm picturing a corner or a table just filled with all different birdcages in various sizes and colors, filled with candles like this. This would be great for a shabby chic type wedding. I'm seeing some hanging from the ceiling and some on different levels on a table with them moving to the floor as well. This could be incredible for a placecard table. I already found a TON on ebay and craigslist for as cheap as 2-5 dollars!

DIY Inspiration

These are so pretty but to me, not worth the price ($50.00 for the set). But I think something like this serves as great inspiration for a DIY project. Simply purchase frosted votives and find your favorite paper to wrap around at different widths and levels. You'll have a surprisingly modern look! Stick with the same paper throughout to maintain consistency. Check here for the real deal . Thanks Outblush.


Hang tight!

I'm working on layout and I'm not the most techy gal there is so bare with me. Lyndsi is probably having a heart attack right now that our blog title is centered on the page. I'm working on it Lyndsi!

Anyone techy with blogger wanna help?

hearts, stars, and all that good stuff to Laura Novak.

Last night Lyndsi and I had dinner with Photographer Laura Novak. Not only is she extremely talented (she was my wedding photog!) but she's a great person and so business savvy. She gave us so many great pointers for our business and ideas that we never would have thought of. Hopefull you have visited her blog already, which is in our links of faves. If not, you must! It's a wonderful log of her work.

Laura appreciates the Event Design industry and the details that event designers bring to an event so we love her even more for that!
Enjoy a few of her pictures and stop by her site to say hello.


get this please!

Lyndsi and I were just in the Swarvoski store to return something fug. We thought all we would see were scary little pandas and turtles that go in glass cabinents but we found some very cool stuff. One of my favorite things was this headband. This picture isn't the best, but in person, it's stunning! The black is actually my favorite, and for a chic bride this would be a show stopper! I can just see this with a beehive do behind it. Such a chic alternative to a tiara, which pains me to even write that word. Check it out. You would be surprised at the cool stuff over there!

Loving modern

I've always admired the work of both the photographer and event designer featured in these photos (Jessie Claire and R. Jack Balthazar) Obviously you all know I adore this color palatte. Take a lok at the blog when you can. It's interesting to see the room and how it was transformed. If you look closely you can tell this was a very traditional ballroom, with the rugs and the whole thing. This becomes a challenge to work with such a modern look. But they used architectural details and lighting to mask a lot of that and the event is stunning. Love this! Enjoy.

Round 2!

The fab Abby at Style Me Pretty is having round 2 of her inspiration board contest. This is my current front runner, Aimee. Reason being, she took non wedding elements to make something totally personal. I also love the colors!

Florists...I owe you!

I've been hard on florists lately with all my talk of lighting. So I stumbled upon this gem of a florist and had to feature them. I actually shouldn't even call them a florist. They are more of a landscape design company who also does floral work and even deals furniture and lighting. There work is something fantastic! It's something totally different and I love their use of greenery which is probably inspired from their roots in landscaping. Any inspiration that can help us all think outside of the box is great. I'm loving that pink palette. If it were a hamburger I would totally eat it. Ok maybe I'm just hungry since that didn't make any sense. Check out Big Red Sun (PS their web design is stellar)


Nature..amped up.

I really love the contrast between nature and an elegant chandelier. I especially love multiple chandeliers! If you're close enough to your venue you can run wiring for electric ones. Or you can use candlelit ones as long as you are cautious of the flame. I found this great example through photographer Jasmine Star. Coincedentally I was also looking for chandeliers this morning on ebay for my home! I thought I'd share them as well. Take a look at these great ones! Bonus, use them in your home after your event!

This one is great and also a great price!

I love that this one is black. It's very modern

I think this is my favorite though, how can you not love a pink one?