Trashing the dress? Trashy.

We were just asked what we think about this new phenomenon of "trashing the dress". First of all let me just say that I hope this picture is a Photoshop miracle and not some crazy fireproof bride. Anyway, for those not familiar, "Trashing the dress" in something new that brides are doing, where they destroy their wedding dress after the wedding to obtain a cool picture. Here is my view:
I don't like it. I say there are 2 ways to go after the wedding. Go traditional, keep the dress, love the dress, stare at it, whatever. These are the people who want to hold on to that day forever and it serves as a memory. The other half who doesn't care about tradition, the people who would consider a photoshoot like this, I say to you, SELL your dress! Make some money back on that expensive purchase and make some other bride who can't afford brand new, very happy. I recommend Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses.
I completely agree with the post on WeddingBee from Mrs. Peppermint. There is no good symbolism that comes from trashing your dress. It seems like it would be something you may do if you found your husband making out with his secretary. But I can't see why you would do this just for a unique picture. Well that's my point of view. What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree Amanda! I never understood this new trend and would NEVER consider doing this with my gown. I can't even stand the term "trash the dress". Some of these pics look down right morbid, IMHO. Thanks for the post on this.

Ashley said...

I think it depends. This photo is nuts to me--I'm with you in that I'm hoping its photoshop! But, the beach ones--they really aren't "trashing the dress". Any DW bride will tell you that sand and water come right out of a wedding dress if cleaned properly, so if you want the pictures, I say go for it!

I guess overall, though--I'm not sure why it upsets people so much? Certainly there are people who would find selling your dress to be offensive--or keeping your dress to be a waste. Frankly, I just don't care what other people do with thier money or thier dress--its none of my business.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this in the knot, but I would never set myself on fire! Hope this is fake too! I would buy a cheapy wedding dress, like $20, from a thrift store just for the pics and run around the ocean though, that seems fun.

Anonymous said...

I also think it's trashy and just plain stupid to do that to a dress that you obviously loved and probably paid a lot of money for. It goes along with the cake smashing in each others face, why do that? Take out your stress or frustrations on something else PLEASE!


kaitlin said...

YES - it was photoshopped. Photographer John Michael Cooper took a pic of bride in the dress and a picture with a manican in the dress and set it on fire that way, and then put the pics together.

I think this picture, and some similar ones, are not AT ALL representative of the TTD phenomenon.

And I don't think it has to be "one or the other" as you put it. I know a LOT of girls who do a TTD session (or as some people call them...day after shoots...or celebrate the dress, or whatever) and then proceed to sell or donate their gown in great condition (a good dry cleaning will do wonders for most dresses!)

I'm with Ashley though - I don't understand why people have a problem with it, if someone chooses to do it.

SocialDesign said...

wow I wish everyone was this passionate about all of our lighting posts :-)

Anyway, I do agree with those of you who said this is a different kind of trash. I do think a destination wedding where you jump in the water with your husband in your wedding duds is super cute. That projects love and happiness and would make a lovely picture. I am referring to the brides who go out on their own after their wedding and roll around in the mud. That just bugs me. Sorry, it does. I just don't see the point.

kaitlin said...

Do you remember traditional "Bridal portraits" - a lot of photographers really don't do them anymore because people don't want them as often....but in many cases, the bride would go to a studio, or out somewhere nice and have her picture taken in her dress, which would then be displayed at the reception, or something like that.

It's the same idea - most brides aren't actually ROLLING in the mud, but going to places they might not consider before the wedding because of fears of getting the dress dirty or torn beforehand. They're climbing on rocks and getting great pictures that are in the scheme of bridal portraits without going to the same place everyone else in town went to because that was a picturesque place where the bride could go without getting her dress dirty.

If the dress can be cleaned, why does it matter if a bride wants to get it dirty before preserving or selling it, and get some fun pictures in the process. With as much money as we spend on one day, might as well get as much as you can out of it!

Blue Orchid Designs said...

It's art. Some people love it, some don't. As with all art, it's subjective and in the eye of the beholder.

I can't stand clutter and since I will never need the dress again (which I find powerfully symbolic), I would rather "trash it" (a clever marketing term in my opinion) and get some artistic photos that I love than leaving it to take up space in a closet. And I wouldn't be comfortable selling it either - I don't know why, I just can't wrap my mind around that.

I would want to feel and look beautiful though - the swamp photos where slime and algae is hanging out of the bride's hair just don't do it for me. But if that bride feels gorgeous in her photos, then more power to her. :)

Jen said...

I think it depends. We are doing a "trash the dress" session this weekend but we are definitely not actually trashing my beautiful dress! I mostly wanted the opportunity to take more artistic pictures with my husband without the pressure of time constraints, worrying about the guests that you're keeping waiting while you get photos done, etc. I just wanted something more relaxed, and fun - in a location that we couldn't go to on the wedding day due to time restrictions. I don't even plan on getting my dress wet! I won't, however, worry so as much about getting it a little dirty as I would have on the day of the wedding. I guess maybe mine could be categorized more as "day after pics" even though they are technically a month after.

Anonymous said...

Love it. It's totally up to the bride and for what most of paid for our dresses, why not turn it into even more art? To each is own and I say go for it.

P.S. I am just as passionate about lighting. Oh, and paper. I just agree with you too much to comment.

Anonymous said...

Taking outdoor photos after the wedding, and then cleaning the dress, is one thing. Trashing the dress is another. And I view trashing a dress like I view people who throw out their clothes instead of donating them to charity. It just seems so wasteful and a slap in the face to people who can't afford clothes, let alone a $2000 dress.

That's why I have a problem with it.

Anonymous said...

Trashing the dress can be taken so many ways and no matter what its an art form.

Why bash someone elses view of art? To each their own, right?