I'm a ribbon snob. ((shame))

Well not shame really. I absolutely love beautiful ribbon. I used to think of ribbon for girls who loved unicorns, hearts, and rainbows and wore bows in their hair. Now I know better. You can use ribbon as a continuous element all throughout your event in a beautiful way. We have designed events where everything from the napkins to the cake to the dresses to the programs had the same ribbon in different sizes. It was a nice touch. Well here is the best of the best. Romantic Flowers (I know cheesey name) has the best ribbon around. I adore their double faced midori satin and they come in every color of the rainbow. They also come in a huge variety of sizes. Think big gown sashes to tiny favor ribbons. If you are having a winter wedding, they sell beautiful velvets as well. You really can tell the difference in their ribbons.

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