Buying and selling your event

Lately I've been working with a few budget brides who needed some help thinking outside of the box when it came to creating a beautiful wedding. That's what we are here for anyway! So often people get trapped by their vendors with rentals and flowers of what a wedding "should" be, or the right way to make a wedding look. Try thinking about your event in a new way...

Look at your wedding as a start to not just your lives as a married couple, but the start of creating your home together. So much money is spent on rentals that you return, and flowers which get tossed. I highly recommend creating an event with a look you love, that you can use in your home. For example, I am moving soon and we are buying our first house (yay!). I want our new home to have an eclectic feel with vintage pieces mixed with modern ones...see pics above from Domino. I would then want to create an event that maybe would mimic that style so I could purchase items I would use in my home one day. Or I could sell these things and potentially make a great amount of money back.

Utilize Craigslist and Ebay! Here are some Philadelphia Craigslist finds which I could see translating into a really amazing event in different ways. I see that screen behind a cake and those gates set up to lead to a ceremony. I could see those farm buckets overflowing with flowers and those dishes mixed with different patterns to give the whole event a non matchy feel. The possibilities are endless and you're buying things you can use again or hopefully sell down the road. Most of these prices are usually negotiable as well. Check them out!

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