It's over the top Tuesday!

Do you believe it? I remembered! This one actually isn't so very over the top where it looks like flower puke everywhere. But it's our friend Preston so it does fall into this category. I think it's interesting that he did the backdrop for the ceremony with negative space and used the forest print for the rest. This looks so magical with the lighting and the lanterns. This actually would not be that difficult to recreate on a budget. Simply find fabric in a print that you like and use piping. Enjoy your OTTT.


Abby said...

All of your lighting posts (over the top or not) has made me want to do lighting. I'm now redo-ing my budget to fit it in! Thanks!

ready.2.spark said...

I love this style - it's the antithysis of a traditional "flowered" wedding. It's so nice to see new & refreshing ideas!

Brian said...

This is a great idea to spice up a wedding. Adding lighting services to a wedding really gives it an added touch.


Judith said...

awww,you guys are pretty hard on Preston Bailey!i hope-i'm glad he prolly wnt see your blog-let's give it to him, he's a genius and probably works at achieiving his clients' visions so if oprah tells him i want a huge O' made of $350 a bunch red roses, thats what she's gonna get!
its like someone-a tennis player- always picking on Pete Sampras saying he's too good-i'll just tell him,'why dont you concentrate on your own game?, you'll get to his status one day and then a young talented player will say the same thing of you'
i really,really love your blog but everytime i see a PB put down it makes me like it less!

SocialDesign said...

Sorry Judith that you feel that way! This blog is to reflect our personal tastes and style and a lot of his work just isn't it. With blog you get the author's good bad and ugly and all our opinions in between.