So cute for a gift for a loved one. Looks so lovely and vintage. This would be great sitting on a plate at a place setting. Or with a lovely peice of jewelry inside for a bridesmaid gift. Also this is a very "green" idea, with less waste than a throw-away box. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Question please. What do you think of birdcage veils? Do you have any pictures of real brides with one on? I love the look (remember Sweet Home Alabama!), but also love the long traditional look as well. I'm having a hard time choosing. Can I do both? One for ceremony, and maybe one for pictures and the reception announcement?
Tina M.

Page said...

check out the birdcage veil on the bride in the latest post on the blog- i was there (i was the floral designer ont he event) and i LOVED the look of it.