get this please!

Lyndsi and I were just in the Swarvoski store to return something fug. We thought all we would see were scary little pandas and turtles that go in glass cabinents but we found some very cool stuff. One of my favorite things was this headband. This picture isn't the best, but in person, it's stunning! The black is actually my favorite, and for a chic bride this would be a show stopper! I can just see this with a beehive do behind it. Such a chic alternative to a tiara, which pains me to even write that word. Check it out. You would be surprised at the cool stuff over there!


Ashley said...

I love it! It's beautiful and different and NOT a tiara! :)

elisabeth said...

I love this idea! I have one of their bracelets of the same design, it's so versatile.
And thank you, ladies, for the shout-out this week! There'll be loads of new fun stuff to see around Labor Day.

Blue Orchid Designs said...

love these! I would wear them every day! :)