Loving modern

I've always admired the work of both the photographer and event designer featured in these photos (Jessie Claire and R. Jack Balthazar) Obviously you all know I adore this color palatte. Take a lok at the blog when you can. It's interesting to see the room and how it was transformed. If you look closely you can tell this was a very traditional ballroom, with the rugs and the whole thing. This becomes a challenge to work with such a modern look. But they used architectural details and lighting to mask a lot of that and the event is stunning. Love this! Enjoy.


Jen said...

I love that motif also! I saw this on Friday on one of my favorite sites, Lucky Designs.


ready.2.spark said...

I didn't think anyone loved this color palette as much as I do...guess I was wrong! BTW one of your links in this post isn't working. All the best!

Ashley said...

If you love that color palette you should definitely check out this knot bio: http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/page.aspx?username=springchic

It's the bio that inspired my own wedding, as I'm having the same colors!

SocialDesign said...

Thanks Ashley!
Check the archives...We blogged about SpringChic in the early blogging days :-)

Lots of luck!