Pink is for boobs.

First I would like to thank Sarah of Toasts and Tables for including SocialDesign on this important day of raising awareness in the blogosphere. If you are a blog fan you will notice today that many of your daily reads will be posting pink! October 1st marks the start of breast cancer awareness month. A few weeks ago I just heard story of a 24 year old girl who thought she should get checked and found out she had stage 4 breast cancer! So you are never too young and it's never too early to be checked. Your friends and family will thank you.

In regards to the pics, they are all from good old brides.com and theknot. Good old stand by's when you forgot to find a bunch of pink pics and remembered at the last minute.

Spread the word and do yourself some good and make an appointment to get checked!

Love, SD.


Glamour This! by Kelly said...

Pink is my absoulute favorite color even before the breast cancer awareness kicked in.

I am so honored for the color to represent such a great cause.

Keep the great ideas coming!

amber said...

I LOVE me some pink! This is a beautiful post, you chose such lovely images!

Christine Farah Photography said...

Just came upon your blog and you ladies have AWESOME ideas and taste! I will definitely be checking back. :)