Our favorite time of year and fave events!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it's almost Halloween, the most joyous fabulous fun time all year. I don't think I can express how much we love Halloween and how much time we spend talking about Halloween. Here is why: Halloween is an event designer's dream come true. Totally over the top, no limits, complete with costumes! There are so many ways to work with Halloween in interesting and unexpected ways. If you feel even 1/8th as excited as we are, you MUST immediately go purchase Martha Stewart's Halloween Holiday edition of her mag. It is to die for. I almost bought a scanner just so I could show you all the fabulousness. Be prepared for plenty of Halloween posts in the upcoming month. Here are some pics to hold you over.

Photos credit of Grayson Bakula Design and Ron Wendt and Kim Vallee. Thanks BizBash for pics.


At Home with kim vallee said...

It probably slipped your mind but you forgot to mention that the top photo composition was done by me. This is my mood board for a Mad Scientist Halloween party. Take a peek at

amber said...

so great! I am hosting a halloween party and always looking for great ideas - I love the test tubes and wine bottle labels, very creative indeed!

Annica Lindeberg said...

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Take care, Annica