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Got the blues...

Using blue flowers can be tough. Selection isn't always good and they often look purple. But I came across this knottie who used blue in such a chic way, I had to share it with all of you. I love that it is a vibrant blue paired with a vibrant green. I love that the girls are in black (putting those girls in blue would turn it into 80's). I love the setting. I love it all! And how can you not love the shoes? Great work Cnickler!

Making it personal

Since planning my wedding, one of the most often asked questions is in regards to the name cut outs you see above (photo by Laura Novak). At the time I didn't realize how well people would respond to this, but it really made our placecard table look awesome. But I wanted to give you ladies some other options to make this idea your own. I found these cool letters from anthropologie in different styles. They are a little pricey, but would be very cool for a monogram or maybe if you have short names! I like the twist on the idea....


Walls walls walls

If your venue is plain with white walls, this could be for you. Again, I love the bird theme and this is graphically very cool. Wedding Graffiti started this whole trend of decals. They are totally removable and look amazing on walls. WG is kind of expensive but you can customize it. This is from Urban Outfitters and would look awesome for the right event....or maybe even your house!

In a mood....

For our clients we always try and create a mood board at the very beginning of the planning process. We use fabrics, photos, ribbon, paper...even if it's not wedding related. This really brings your vision to life and helps you stay consistent throughout the planning process in terms of design and style. Decor8 held a mood board contest that we love! Here are some of our faves. The blue and orange is by far our most favorite. Give this a try for your own planning, it's very inspirational!

Light up the sky

This is such an innovative idea and a stunning alternative to fireworks. These are individual flying, yes I said FLYING lanterns! Your guests can write messages or wishes to you and then as you leave launch them into the sky! No worries they are "accelarated biodegradable" which I think means are super safe for the environment. And flame resistant. I don't think this is very cheap but neither are fireworks and these are truly memorable. Love it!

Carnations? Did she just say carnations??

Yes I did! Before you judge me, hear me out. Yes carnations are cheap and yes they can be hideous. BUT, try thinking about carnations in a new way. This is another one for you budget girls!
I recently had a client inquire about a low floral budget and how she can make it work. I suggested carnations. If you look at carnations as a sculptural element and less of a flower, you can do incredible, high impact things with them. One of my favorite ideas is to take huge floral foam balls and cover them with bright one color carnations and hang them from your venue (similar to the ones lining the ceremony space below). Suddenly they don't look like carnations, but they look like giant polka dots floating in the air. The key with this is to stick with one color and it can transform things. This is a time to think outside the box and talk to your florist about ideas like you see below. All from our friends over at theknot.

All hail Ikea!

As an event designer, we often need to get creative for our budget brides who we love! This is one of the best parts of our job: Finding creating and innovative ways to make a space look incredible. Everyone in the business knows that Ikea is a God send! They have such awesome decorative items, candles, fabrics, vases for so cheap. So this post is in honor to them. I have used these lanterns in multiple weddings and they always look amazing. That chandelier is to die for and I want to see it over an alter or chuppah for a ceremony! I think the mini chairs (yes they are mini) would be amazing for placecards! They aren't the cheapest to do 200 of them, but maybe 10 in a row with the placecards all lined up in front. And the white bud vases are so sweet. I could see them lined on long head tables filled with Dahlias. Best part...they are $1.99 each! Thank you Ikea for being you.


Make your own forest!

OK HOW cool is this? Artist Adam Frank designed these oil lamps that project forest type images onto your walls via candle light. I often am faced with blank walls to work with for events and lighting is usually the best answer. This is a totally new take on it that you can do yourself. They aren't THAT cheap ($48.00 each). But booking a lighting specialist can run a couple thousand dollars. So it's a nice alternative and the effect would be incredible for a candlelit evening wedding.

Red & Aqua

Color color color. I love color! This is a fab color scheme. By using a cherry red and an aqua blue, it looks modern and clean as opposed to patriotic. This is one of my favorite palettes. It's very fresh. This comes from my long lost aunt Martha Stewart. So many people ask me about having a "theme". I think if you work with bold enough colors and use them in the right ways, that is enough of a theme. If you're REALLY dying to have some sort of catchy theme call it fire and ice or something weird like that. :-)

Stationary and Invitations

I came across this company who I absolutely adore. I love any invitations that are unique and a little off the wall. This company fits the bill. They custom design for you and really give your invitations a dramatic flare. Invitiations really do set the tone for your event and Hammerpress can create something amazing!


Beach Weddings

OK...I hate to be closed minded. BUT I generally don't like beach weddings. I like more intimate closed in stuff. That is until I saw THIS. I'm totally hooked now. I found this in Modern Bride and I was dying. I love everything about it. I'm a big fan of good linens and lighting, and I think that's what sold me. I like the absence of obvious beach theme items such as starfish and shells and the more sublte tones of the water and sand. And how cute is the little nook carved away on the side of the beach. Bask in the goodness below!

Using Paper

Lyndsi is a graphic designer so we naturally love things all paper. We love building an event around your paper products too. You can use such pretty paper for envelope linings or layers between cardstock, backings on placecards or menus, foldings for programs...the possibilities are endless. Why not get creative and use wallpaper? We found this awesome wallpaper that is so modern and vintage at the same time. This is just a sampling...they have so many.

Black and Yellow!

One of my all time favorite knotties, most chic and stylish, ever... is SpringChic. She has my fave color scheme (black and yellow as you learned earlier!)and did it WELL. The key with doing such a modern look is making sure your venue can support the vision. For example, this would not have worked in a historic hotel ballroom. But their space was modern and it was amazing. I have to post some of her pics because I can't get enough. Love it!

This suite was her inspiration

She even got the Kate Spade stationary I heart so much

And the stunning bridal party

Color Schemes

We are currently in love with any color mixed with black for an event. We're dying to do a yellow and black event. But I stumbled upon this which is actually a bridal shower! But the color scheme is to die for. I can't get enough of it. The lucky lady who had this was photograher Jennifer Skog. Get ready for some serious jealousy ladies....

Afternoon Events

I was recently asked the question by a client about having an afternoon wedding and if it could really be as special as an evening wedding. My answer was... Of Course!! You don't need 100 candles and black ties to have a chic and fabulous wedding. Some of my absolute favorite events have been afternoon affairs. There is so much potential with linens and texture to give something a day time feel while still being modern and pulled together.


Stunning dresses!

OK I confess...I still stare at wedding dresses and wish I could wear one again. I sold mine after my wedding, which made my husband happy and me sad. I totally would have worn it around the city at 2pm on a Sunday. Totally. Anyway, these dresses make me extra sad because I ADORE them. How cute are these 3 below? Especially this Amsale one with the belt because it's so different from the dress that I had. (Sigh...) Enjoy.


We love love love the vintage look of a bird themed wedding. The possibilities are endless! We found this amazing mobile that we picture over a placecard table or head table. It's 55 dollars and can really serve as an amazing focal point. I know...more rustic stuff...I promise we like other things too.

Rustic Wedding

How cute are these letters from VivaTerra? We think these twigs would look great hanging from a window or from chairs on an aisle at a rustic wedding. Such a nice twist on the monogram trend. And for 20 bucks each, what a steal!

How you may know us....

Many of you may recognize my wedding from theknot. I am knottie MrsAnayisnin. This is a great picture put together by our photographer, Laura Novak to sum up some of the details.


We're excited to welcome you to the SocialDesign blog! Here we will post interesting event ideas, pictures and the latest happenings of SocialDesign. We're looking forward to reading your feedback and ideas as well. Thanks for stopping by....