All hail Ikea!

As an event designer, we often need to get creative for our budget brides who we love! This is one of the best parts of our job: Finding creating and innovative ways to make a space look incredible. Everyone in the business knows that Ikea is a God send! They have such awesome decorative items, candles, fabrics, vases for so cheap. So this post is in honor to them. I have used these lanterns in multiple weddings and they always look amazing. That chandelier is to die for and I want to see it over an alter or chuppah for a ceremony! I think the mini chairs (yes they are mini) would be amazing for placecards! They aren't the cheapest to do 200 of them, but maybe 10 in a row with the placecards all lined up in front. And the white bud vases are so sweet. I could see them lined on long head tables filled with Dahlias. Best part...they are $1.99 each! Thank you Ikea for being you.

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